See what our clients have to say about Trading Mastery Course offering.

At last, a trading method that doesn’t keep you awake, or wake you up in a cold sweat! Although Trading Mastery harks back somewhat, there are real virtues to it being 100% mechanical, and with live results too. Not only applicable to FX, there’s probably no reason Trading Mastery can’t be used with local stock or CFD markets as well.

Mike Avey, Managing Director, Pachira Capital Pty Ltd


I’ve known Michael for a number of years; his focus on local markets, incl both stock and currency markets is well known to me. Price Action Swing is a really good place for traders to start because it’s mechanical.  So often in trading we get caught up in ‘what might be’ instead of what’s before us.  This trading course will help traders at all levels to trade what is in front of them.  But most of all, I’m happy to see this out there because there is not much material around that focuses on local markets. It’s all about overseas markets, yet as Michael shows, there are great opportunities in the local market. A big part of the ongoing support, is helping you find those opportunities. I recommend it.

Lyn Summers, Managing Director, Stockcourse


Although this was my first introduction to short share  trading,  I found the Price Action Swing training program well thought out and easy to follow. I also found the video a very useful visual aid to understanding the PAS strategy of buy and sell approaches,  which provided me with techniques that helped me identify the correct entry point into the market and clearly defined when I should exit to maximise my returns.

I would definitely recommend this program to anyone interested in share trading.

Andrew R Lawrence, General Manager