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Price Action Swing

  • Syllabus course, study at home
  • Email access to Fund Manager and Trader, Michael Butler
  • Proprietary Indicators and tools valued at $500
  • Global Trading Tools automated daily download for major stock exchanges FREE
  • 100% mechancial trading system
  • $1,950 includes proprietary tools
  • Pay up front $1,950 or 2 payments of $1,000/month
  • Incl 2 free months access to Master Traders Room, weekly video’s and webinars at no extra cost
  • Actual trade-by-trade, working examples with results, incl video analysis and spreadsheet

Price Action Swing Advanced

  • Syllabus course, study at home
  • Natural follow on from PAS
  • Learn high probability patterns
  • Introduction to fundamentals
  • Understand the idea of building a campaign
  • Think strategically about your trading for improved results
  • Email access to Fund Manager and Trader, Michael Butler
  • Improve your ability to read markets
  • Build consistency into your trading
  • $995

Master Traders Room

Master Traders Room is discontinued because of

Stock Mastery

Coming soon, a special unit on searching for and trading the fastest moving stocks.

This unit will be one of the best additions any stock trader can have in their arsenal, as we look at how to uncover those stocks which are likely to move the fastest, as well as the most vulnerable in a downturn.  Using some well founded, but little known techniques, married to the latest technology, Stock Mastery will teach students how to find those stocks that are outperforming the market.