George Soros Doubles his Bets

If you don’t know, George Soros ranks as one of the all time great hedge fund managers. This year, the Soros fund achieved a 25% return on $25 billion funds under management and achieved the #1 spot of Hedge Funds in 2013*. In his best year, Soros and James Rogers under the Quantum Fund, achieved 423% return in a single year, before Rogers retired at the ripe age of 37, a multi-millionaire.

You can read more about this story on our blog, but for the moment we wanted to draw all our friends at MTS to this:
“Within Friday’s 13F filings news was the revelation that the Soros Fund, founded by legendary investor George Soros, increased a put position on the S&P 500 ETF  by a whopping 154% in the fourth quarter, compared with the third. (A put or short position basically gives the owner the right to sell a security at a set price for a limited time, and in making such a bet, an investor generally believes the security is going to decline.)”
We think that when Soros is doubling his short selling position on the S&P 500 index, he thinks the market is only going to go one way – down.  You might want to consider what that means to you. As more investors and retirees try to manage their own financial futures, they are looking at ways to get better returns, and recently that has been in the stock market.  Is now a good time to look at some alternatives?
We don’t offer advice on wide-ranging investments, but we advise all of our clients to always been on the lookout for better or consistent returns in their investments.
Please be careful this year, remember, invest with discipline.