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Making money in financial markets is about profiting from the future; you don’t want to be buying anything if it is going to fall in value, whether that is a house or a business or a share. Neither does it matter whether you trade FX on 1 min charts, or S&P 500 stocks on monthly charts. You want to have an idea that you are going in the same direction as the market, or else you will lose money. It’s not really more complicated than that.

Trading Mastery Course was established by a small group of traders who have traded profitably for over twenty years each. We trade differently, and we trade different markets, but we achieve similar outcomes. The Principal, Michael Butler, goes back as far as trading commodity futures on the London FOX during the late 1980’s. Our goal in establishing Trading Mastery Course, was to create a site with material that could allow prospective traders a chance to be in the winner’s circle.

I wanted to point out that, unlike almost every other trading course material we have seen, we have a continuous live account that we trade using this material. You can see the results here if you have an account with us.

Because in the first instance, Trading Mastery Course has a 100% mechanical system, Price Action Swing, we believe it is possible for you to achieve these results.

The course is unique in that it is syllabus based; anyone who tells you that a successful trader is borne out of a quick course on indicators and candlesticks is selling people short – mastering trading is a lifetime pursuit. It takes time and real commitment.

We will continue to add more material as it comes to light. We have a course coming in the future that will be based around a highly discretionary system, which will be taught in a mentoring fashion over a 12 month period, with just a small group of attendees at any one time. This is an advanced course that will require proof of some success in the markets to date before commencing. (Though the course is highly successful in terms of current results).

Trading Mastery Course has deliberately grouped material into different levels of advancement. There is no intention of being prescriptive; simply find the course level that suits you and go from there. If you have struggled with markets, or are new to markets then we suggest you begin with the Price Action Swing course. These are highly mechanical trading systems, with years’ worth of results and are traded on a live account.

Our goal is simple at Trading Mastery Course; to make our clients into good traders. We understand that it takes time to become proficient, but the view at the top is all the worthwhile. As traders, we will help wherever we can for you to become successful as a trader.

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