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Develop a personalised trading plan around a system with a proven track record.

PriceActionSwing is the core course, built around a robust, mechancial trading plan. We also use it to trade part of our managed fund.

  • Develop a trading plan designed for you, that teaches profitable trading on higher time frames (weekly or monthly)
  • Learn what to look for so you can develop a manageable watchlist
  • Live fund results are available using PriceActionSwing
  • Join us for our 2-day seminars that cover some of the best market analysis and stock-picking methods to ensure you find and trade the fastest moving stocks

Learn to trade financial markets and replace your current income while you work.

Trading Mastery Course offers a unique syllabus, tools and materials with an emphasis on CFD trading and share trading courses as well as stock forecasting.

  • A 100% Mechanical system with a proven win:loss ratio
  • Learn while you work, with our step by step syllabus incl over 60 videos and coursebook
  • Updated market snapshots emailed out at no charge on TWWT
  • Our working examples  go over several years of action trade by trade, with video and spreadsheet analysis
  • With Trading Mastery it is possible to achieve success in CFD trading, stock forecasting and stock options.



Price Action Swing is the core course from Trading Mastery Course. It is a prerequisite for other material offered by us.  In addition, we also offer an Advanced Course for those who have gone through the Price Action Swing course.  We highly recommend people prove to themselves they are competent at trading before moving onto the Advanced material. Course video material is available online for two years from time of purchase

    • Syllabus course, study at home
Price Action Swing
    • Email access to Fund Manager and Trader, Michael Butler
    • Proprietary Indicators and tools valued at $500
    • Global Trading Tools automated daily download for major stock exchanges FREE
    • 100% mechancial trading system
    • includes proprietary tools
    • Pay up front or monthly payments
    • Actual trade-by-trade, working examples with results, incl video analysis and spreadsheet

For full details of all of our education material, see here.